Tuesday, July 19, 2022

What is DP IMAGES in 2022

Whatsapp Profile Picture which is commonly called as DP (display picture), people put their photo to show with name. You get attention from beautiful, attractive, stylish dp. According to the feeling, people often change the whatsapp dp.

what is dp images

the best profile picture size on WhatsApp is around 500 x 500 px OR 1:1 ratio. 192 x 192 pixels is the Best fit DP image cover size.

What is the dp in whatsapp and know everything about dp images in this article.. 

How To Change your dp images?

Follow these steps to set photo on your profile on Whatsapp app >>
  1. open Whatsapp
  2. Click on the three dots which will be on the right hand side upwards.
  3. Select setting option
  4. Tap on the image in the circle above the name
  5. Select photo from gallery
  6. Crop in square
  7. Click on Ok button.

In this way you get changed on dp whatsapp. This process remains applicable for Android, IPHONE and whatsapp web.

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