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188 Best Heart Touching Birthday Wishes, Messages, Quotes to Express Your Feelings 2022

Whenever the birthday of a special person comes, you need birthday quotes that show your love to the birthday boy or girl.  How many times it has happened to me that I always send the same wish text to all the people whether mom, dad, sister, friend, son, brother and other person that is "Happy Birthday 🎂🎉" .

Sounds Familiar ️🙆🏻‍♂️.

But now it will not happen because I have brought you BEAUTIFUL ideas of Best Holy Wishes, Quotes and also cards to Express Your Feelings. In which there is a little Emotional, Funny, Different And Much More Creativity STYLE.

All the Quotes, Wishes are a mean and joyful one that attracts special attention on the birthday of the ones who are near your heart. You should bring personalized birthday cards to the party that he likes. 

Which are given below birthday quotes, definitely wish this for family and friends once in a while. You can jump by clicking on those Persons.

Happy Birthday Wishes

A Birthday Wish

"Happy Birthday" seems to be unable to encompass all the affection and love you feel towards that person, we understand, we hope that these birthday wishes and dedications will be useful to you.

  • 1. May the sun's rays shine on you, Blooming flowers give you the fragrance, What we give will be less, May the giver give you every happiness of life. Happy Birthday 🎂. 
  • 2. one you are how good you are, You are one how lovely you are, You are one how true you are and, We are one that lies are being told on lies happy birthday to you
  • 3. Flowers have sent a jam of nectar, The sun has sent a salute to the sky, happy new birthday to you, We have sent this message wholeheartedly. happy birthday Dear. 
  • 4. We have created many wonderful memories together. Here's to many more. Happy Birthday!
  • 5. Today I woke up remembering that it is your birthday and a smile lit up my face. One more year knowing you, one more year of life in which I had you with me. I wish you the best, that the passing of the years fill you with wisdom, success and much happiness.
  • 6. You are the source of happiness in my life, The communication of enthusiasm in life is from you, You have given the place to my life, You are the world of my dreams. happy Birthday
  • 7. You keep laughing among billions, May you continue to bloom among millions, May you be illuminated among thousands, Like the sun lives in the middle of the sky. happy birthday
  • 8. Happy birthday these special moments, Happy new dreams settled in the eyes, What life has brought for you today, Happy laughter of all that happiness. happy B-Day
  • 9. You shine like the moon, humming like birds, I pray on your birthday You can get whatever you want. 
  • 10. May God give you a world full of happiness May you prosper in life May your lips never forget a smile Give such a gift on your birthday.
  • 11. Today is not only your special day, it is mine too because today is the day my best friend came into this world.  If it wasn't for what we're celebrating today, my life wouldn't be half as fun and happy as it is.  I owe you a lot, you are a wonderful person who deserves all the best. Happy birthday!
  • 12. You are the most important person in my life, the owner of my heart and my love, that is why no one else is as happy to celebrate your birthday as I am.  Congratulations, my love.
  • 13. A year more ! I wanted to wish you your birthday Lots of friends, good health, lots of good surprises May joy be with you on this day, and the next 364 Happy birthday!
  • 14. May this new year bring you: 1 year of joy, 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of luck, 365 days of good health, 8,760 hours of friendship, 525,600 minutes of success and 31,536,000 seconds of sweetness. All my best wishes for your birthday!
  • 15. Wishing you a happy birthday, I don't just remind you that another year has flown away, because you look so young that time has no hold on you. The more the years pass the more beautiful you are. May this day be bright.
  • 16. Dear friend, I am sending you this card on the occasion of your birthday, to tell you that I'm thinking of you but above all to let you know how much I appreciate you Thank you for existing as you are. I wish you a warm My best wishes. 
  • 17. You are a wonderful person full of light, a person who spreads joy and love wherever you go, so on your birthday I wish that all the good that you have distributed in the world returns to you multiplied.
  • 18. This day would not be so bright and beautiful if you were not born on it. May the blessings you have received from God be eternal! I wish you have a wonderful day, that health be with you throughout this year and that you achieve all your dreams.
  • 19. Very good days! Greetings from your best friend in the world. I stop by to greet you and wish you a great birthday, may life always smile at you, may love never fail you and achieve all the dreams you have in mind.
  • 20. A birthday is a very special moment, you close a past cycle and start a new one. It is a turning point where you prepare that new person you want to be. With you everything is possible. Happy Birthday!
inspirational happy birthday wishes

AN Inspirational Birthday Wishes

  • 21. Always supportive, You give enthusiasm and faith, It's like our breath. Your birthday prayers to God, May you be happy. May you live long, Let us empower you to fulfill your dream! Happy birthday!
  • 22. Today is a special girl's birthday Gave life different colors and my life blossomed, She is none other than my beloved fairy. A very happy birthday to my lovely angel.
  • 23. We wish you a blessed birthday! May your dreams become reality
  • 24. Every year, you do a lot for all the people around you and you always inspire us to reach and achieve all our hopes and wishes. I wish that this year you will be rewarded with more success, laughter, joy, special moments and hope. Do not forget that now and always I will be very proud of you. Happy Birthday.
  • 25. Happy birthday this moment, Wishing you this moment of happiness, May tomorrow bring you thousand of happiness And wish you that happiness.
  • 26. This prayer is ours on your birthday, Never break our friendship, Will give you happiness all life, And that happiness will be lovely dear.
  • 27. You bear everything for my little happiness, Papa, You fulfill my every wish, no one is better than you, happy birthday to you, This child of yours
  • 28. What answer should I give to this act of yours? what gift to give to my friend If there was a nice rose, I would have ordered it from the gardener. But the one who is the rose itself, What rose should I give her?
  • 29. Luck and high are yours, You keep getting everyone's love like this, I pray that you get every success from the Lord!
  • 30. When this day, this month, this date came, How lovingly we decorated the birthday party, The name of friendship is written on every evening , Your face is like the moon in its light!
funny happy birthday wishes

Humorous birthday wishes

Best Funny Wishes and QUOTES For Best Friend on His Bday. Enjoy The Time And Connection because You have really Good Friend my Dear.

  • 31. I regret to inform you that your childhood has EXPIRED 😁. And Happy Birthday Dude
  • 32. Few women admit their age. Few men act theirs.
  • 33. Happy birthday to you today, my dear best friend! You, my friend, are a truly unique guy and anything but ordinary. you’re simply unlike any other
  • 34. Since you forgot to give me a gift on my birthday, I am returning the favor. Happy Birthday!
  • 35. Today I come to give you a tip, remove the mirrors from your house, lest you get scared and get a heart attack.
  • 36. Happy birthday to you today, my dear best friend! You, my friend, are a truly unique guy and anything but ordinary. you’re simply unlike any other
  • 37. May your hair dye and mascara never run! Happy Birthday!
  • 38. Remember that pact we made about getting married if we're still single by 35? Well, you better put a ring on it.
  • 39. Late in the evening, far, far away there is a glow beyond the horizon, and I know deep in my heart♥️ It's your birthday cake
  • 40. In good times and bad, I’ll always be by your side. Happy birthday friend!

Best Birthday Quotes by famous Personality

  • 41. “Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.” ~ John Lennon
  • 42. Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” ~ Mark Twain
  • 43. “From our birthday, until we die, is but the winking of an eye.”~ William Butler Yeats
  • 44. “Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.” ~ Larry Lorenzoni
  • 45. The use of the word “birthday” is not just limited to a celebration of the birth of a person or an event – it can also be used as an expression of happiness, pleasure, or appreciation.
  • 46. A birthday is a day in which we celebrate the beginning of another year. It is also a very important day for people and it is something we should not forget to celebrate.
  • 47. Not giving into temptation is one way to increase your relative happiness. Giving in to temptation is a way to immediately increase your happiness. Be happy. Happy Birthday.
  • 48. Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. - Jim Ryun
  • 49. They say that you feel it when you have it. I guess you are feeling good. Happy Birthday.
  • 50. Don’t stress out at getting older on your birthday. Celebrate not discovering the alternative.
happy birthday wishes for best friend

Birthday Wishes To My Best Friend

From here you have been given special Quotes and Massages TO SEND on the birthday of male and female friend. This wishes will make your friendship stronger. Express the feeling of your heart in this Funny And Sweet Lines for Close friend.

  • 51. Neither insult nor teach, Stay safe, just pray this
  • 52. On a day like today, many years ago, a very special person was born. I don't know her, and I don't think you do either, but what a coincidence that her birthday is the same day as you. Oh yes, congratulations!
  • 53. You know that I am a person of few words and that is why my message will not be very long. Congratulations!
  • 54. Do you know what the secret of happiness is? It's not having many friends or having a lot of money, no, but having you as a friend. Happy birthday, big guy!
  • 55. Celebrating your birthday is almost like celebrating mine since happiness and joy flood me on this special day. Congratulations friend.
  • 56. Happy birthday, my friend, I am very proud of everything you have achieved with effort and work. You are an example to follow.
  • 57. I hope that this day is very special for you and that you stand for a year full of joy and adventure. Congratulations, my friend, I wish you the best.
  • 58. Today on your day I come to share it with you since you are one of the few important people in my life. That's why I want you to have a great birthday friend
  • 59. You are the most attentive and humble friend that any woman could wish to have. You deserve the best things in this life. I wish you to fulfill all your goals just as I wish you that this year be one of the best for you, happy birthday soulmate.
  • 60. A devil is born on this day, but what to do, he is not dangerous for me, so I congratulate him on his birthday

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

  • 61. Love, today is your birthday, I hope that this year that has passed will leave you with a world of new experiences that will allow you to grow as a person. Remember that I love you and that I will be there for you when you need it. I hope that life grants you many more years of life.
  • 62. Congratulations! It's time to celebrate in the company of all the people who love you. Life has smiled on us with another year by your side and we hope you will continue with us for a long time.
  • 63. Love I hope this day is memorable for you. May God grant you many more years of happiness and happiness. Love you
  • 64. Happy Birthday, my queen! Let's toast for all the years of your life, for every beautiful moment of love that we have shared and for everything that is to come
  • 65. Every time I see you I fall in love with you again and today more than ever it will be like that. I wish you thousands of congratulations on your birthday
  • 66. Congratulations to the most charming bride in this world! I want to take advantage of each and every one of the opportunities that life gives me to conquer you and make you very happy.
  • 67. My greatest fortune in this world has been meeting you and falling in love with you, for that I want to thank you and also wish you a birthday full of happiness.”
  • 68. This is the first of your birthdays that I have the joy of sharing with you and I want them to be many more. Many congratulations, my heaven
  • 69. I want to take advantage of this emotional date to steal a smile from you that lasts all day by reminding you that the rest of humanity and I love you and wish you a great day
  • 70. You can't imagine my love the love I feel for you, you don't know how much love I feel for you, what I would be willing to do for you, nor what I would give for you, and I would even give my own life. Love, enjoy this special day!
  • 71. Why write long greetings for my boyfriend? When with just two words I can make him so happy. I love you above all my life, have a happy day dear!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for a Sister

  • 72. I thank God that I have a sister-in-law who is my companion, my confidante and who likes my brother's most intimate secrets. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't know how I could laugh at such funny stories. Congratulations, sister-in-law!
  • 73. Dear sister-in-law, I would like to wish you the best birthday and tell you that I love you like a sister. From the moment you came into our lives you have given us joy and much happiness. Happy Birthday!
  • 74. Due to the long distance that separates us, I will not be able to attend your birthday. I would like this day to be full of joy and fulfilled projects, and that in the coming year all your dreams come true. Congratulations!
  • 75. With these lines I want to wish you a very special birthday and may you receive God's blessing. Congratulations!With these lines I want to wish you a very special birthday and may you receive God's blessing. Congratulations!
  • 76. The Lord knows that today is a very important day on the calendar, and it is my sister-in-law's day, so I assure you that it will be very special. I wish you many blessings on this day.
  • 77. You live in my heart every hour of my life and I tremble with joy because I know you will spend a day full of happiness With your loved ones. I wish you the best, dear soul sister. Happy Birthday!
  • 78. A rose fell from the sky, covered in love and affection, for a sister without equal, Let's celebrate today, your special day. I love you. Congratulations!
  • 79. Since mom had you I've always been by your side standing guard against evil, protecting you and encouraging you at the same time. On such a special day like your anniversary it's nice to see How much have you grown in a single year? Happy Birthday Sister and many more to come!
  • 80. Remember when we used to fight over the last piece of pizza? Many years have passed since life gave me the opportunity to meet you, our fraternal ties made us friends and confidants, my sister, may life smile at you with many years full of happiness, joy, health and well-being. Your brother who loves you.
  • 81: One more year that is getting out of hand sister, remember to thank life for everything it has given you in your time on Earth Not everyone is as lucky as we've been. Smile, dance, shout, celebrate, travel, do whatever you want in your life, since our passage through it is usually very short-lived. Congratulations, I send you the strongest hug in the world.
  • 82. Despite our arguments and fights, we are sisters, and that is what makes our relationship so beautiful and so special. I hope that this day is unique for you and that you can enjoy the beginning of your new year with us. Happy Birthday!

Blessing birthday wishes for son

  • 83. The sky wonders why the most beautiful star is not with it, the Garden of Eden wonders why the most beautiful rose is not with it, and it is because on this day it is in my house. Happy birthday to you dear!
  • 84. Thanks to how good you are with humanity and for all the good values ​​that you add, I can't do anything other than be very happy today. Happy birthday son!
  • 85. Your father and I want to wish you happiness , we want you to be happy in this new stage, that each new day be the best day of your life. We wish that life rewards you with all the good things. Have a good time dear in this precious moment!
  • 86. Today I am very happy because I know how special this day is for you. It's the day you turn 18. It is a very important moment in your life and we are sure that you are ready to live it, to take such an important step in your life. They love you very much, mom and dad.
  • 87. The most important thing for a mother is the love of her children, and I feel very happy to have yours. Congratulations, my dear, I hope you appreciate the gifts we have prepared for you.
  • 88. There is nothing greater in this world than the love that a mother always has for her child. I will stay by your side forever, no matter what happens. I love you, I love you, my son. Congratulations!
  • 89. Is it your birthday? I did not remember! It seems that the 12 hours I spent giving birth to you were little! Congratulations, champion, and many more to come!
  • 90. Dear son, no matter how old you are, for me you will always be my little angel . I wish you the best today and always
  • 91. You are the future man of the house, the one I will guide and take care of so that he is a good man and can achieve everything he sets out to do. Happy birthday son, I love you so much!
  • 92. I inform you that you are no longer a baby, now you are celebrating another year and you are beginning to become a man, I hope you are a good man and your wishes are fulfilled with great success. Congratulations
  • 93. You are the best son and I want to wish you many congratulations for having fulfilled another year and having reached another goal. There are still many to fulfill but no one said that the road to success would be easy, enjoy this day, your parents wish you, congratulations son
  • 94. I wish you a beautiful, fun and happy time, dear son, your mom and dad wish you

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Brother

Is your brother birthday? Then you may be looking for the best birthday wishes and messages for a brother to send him a wonderful greeting.

There are many ways to wish a brother on his birthday, and in this Section you will know the best Heart touching quotes of them. You will also discover the best birthday images for a brother on the Internet.

  • 95. Happiness is this silent pact that we have to continue adding years together, to continue making each other happy year after year and fulfill it. Happiness is you in me. Many congratulations brother!
  • 96. On this day I want to wish you to achieve every goal you set for yourself, happy birthday soul brother.
  • 97. Only you can think of birthdays in times of crisis. Happy birthday little brother!
  • 98. I have woken up on a very emotional and special day, I have woken up on one of the most important days on the calendar, on your birthday. Congratulations, I love you so much little brother!
  • 99. Life gave me mom, she raised me, life gave me dad and taught me how to live, life gave me you and taught me to enjoy life. Thank you for so many years by my side. Happy day of your birthday!
  • 100. This will be of all the birthday greetings for a brother that I have ever written, in which I want to reflect the most feeling, and that is that after so much and so much lived, we are still the best brothers. Happy birthday, I love you!
  • 101. Congratulations to the cutest brother on planet Earth. You were and always will be a blessing from God.
  • 102. Where's that shy kid you used to chase for hours to tickle? Now he's quite a little man! Happy birthday, have a good time.
  • 103. All this time apart has only made me love you more and wish you would come back so I can celebrate your day in person.
  • 104. even if I don't tell you, I always wish you the best and I love you with all my heart.
  • 105. Your birthday for me is a very special date since it was the day the most important person in my life was born, you, my brother. That is why every year I remember this day with great tenderness and love. I love you. Congratulations.
  • 106. How lucky to be born on the same day as you and to be able to understand you just by looking into your eyes! Happy birthday, twin brother.

Sweetest Birthday Wishes For Husband

A husband is a companion for life, your better half, the one who knows everything about you.

But, although you are in love with him, it is not always easy to express what we feel. For this reason, we have prepared a list with the best birthday wishes for your husband, to make it easier for you to undress your feelings.

  • 107. Remember to always smile. I am proud to share my life with you, to have met you and to form a family with you. I wish you the best, many successes in everything you set out to do. He loves you very much, your dear wife.
  • 108. This special day, I come to wish you my greatest wishes and congratulations. Remember that I love you and I will always wish the best for you.
  • 110. I want to wish you the best and the greatest wishes and congratulations. Thank you for all the support you have offered me. I love you so much, I wish you the best in the world.
  • 111. I will love you today, tomorrow and always, my dear love. I am happy to share with you another year and to have formed a family with you. Congratulations my husband.
  • 112. Dear husband of mine and father of my children, I thank the universe for having met a person as good as you. An excellent father and husband, that's why today and every day you deserve to be treated like a king. Happy birthday my husband, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  • 113. I wish that each year are better than the others, that you have a happy and beautiful day, I love you very much and happy birthday dear husband
  • 114. By your side we will always be a blessed family for having the joy of always being together despite the sacrifices and problems that can arise in every couple and in every home. Thank you for the love and protection you give us. happy birthday husband
  • 115. Thank you for making every day of my life immensely happy, and I hope that on this day of your birthday, I can show you how grateful I am for sharing it with me, I love you and I wish you a nice birthday, my husband
  • 116. My smile made us friends; your caresses into lovers and our deep love and respect into a respectable marriage. Thank you for being a part of my life!!! Happy Birthday dear!
  • 118. Today you will blow out the candles on a cake again and although time has taken away our youth, it will never take away our memories and our great love. Happy day, my beloved husband
  • 119. Every day that I spend with you is a gift from the Lord, because it makes me remember how happy I am since we are married. tqm my life and I will always love you
  • 120. You are and always will be the only man for me. Thank you for loving me like you do 🥰.
  • 121. You are so essential to me that I cannot imagine a world without you. Thank you for another wonderful year by your side and may there be a thousand more

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife With Love

Your dearest wife's birthday is coming up, but despite how much you love her, you don't know how to congratulate her or what to write on the gift card, that's why here we leave you a very complete list of birthday wishes for a wife , which without doubt, they will bail you out successfully.

  • 122. My love, since I have known you you have filled my life with enthusiasm, love and tenderness. Today, which is your birthday, I want to multiply all those good feelings and make this moment one that you cannot forget. Love surrounds us and we have to take it in our arms. Happy Birthday!
  • 123. Thank you for sharing your life with me, for giving me the blissful joy of your love. I promise to continue to make you happy each of your days, this promise is the gift that I offer you today and always. You are the best in my world. Happy birthday
  • 124. The most beautiful woman on the entire planet is celebrating her birthday today and I am very happy to be one more year in her life. Congratulations, wife! This is sure that the years that are yet to come will be full of joy and parties that we will celebrate together. I love you!
  • 125. On this birthday I am going to shower you with kisses and hugs, in order to show you how much I love you. Congratulations!
  • 126. Today is the birthday of my soulmate, my life partner, my confidant, the one who gives me encouragement and joy, even in those moments when I cannot get up on my own. You are someone I want to spend the rest of my days with. When I'm with you I feel like the happiest person on the planet. I hope you have a great time on your birthday.
  • 127. Together with you I have created a home to which I know I can always return when things are not going well, that just the fact that we hug each other makes me feel better, with much more energy. And I know that from that moment everything passes. Being by your side I feel like a better man, much more positive, a fighter and I even feel more motivated to work. I thank you for being my wife and I wish that all your dreams come true on your birthday.
  • 128. Wife, thank you for having believed in me for so long, for being by my side and for listening to me. You are the person I love the most on the entire planet. Congratulations!
  • 129. I wish you a beautiful happy birthday on this special day, dear wife.
  • 130. The truth is that I am pleased to be with you, thank you for being my life partner, I hope you enjoy this very special day for you together with all of us who love you. Congratulations to my wife whom I love so much.
  • 131. Having found a woman as beautiful and good as you is the best thing that could happen to me in this life. Have a beautiful happy birthday my wife, I love you forever.
  • 132. Congratulations my wife for completing another year. I wish you much success in your life, that all your wishes come true and that life offers you more than you deserve.
  • 133. Beautiful wife, you are the woman I have been in love with since the first time I saw you and when I got to know you, I knew you had to be for me. Women like you are a special edition, because you are kind, feisty, feminine, beautiful, intelligent and a spectacular cook. Congratulations on your birthday, my beautiful wife and I wish you the greatest of blessings.
  • 134. I want this to be a birthday that we remember in the future, that is why today I wish you to be the happiest woman on the planet. Happy Birthday.
  • 135. Another year has gone by, but the love I feel for you continues to increase. You are a very special and attentive wife, that is why I hope with all my heart that this special day is full of joy, laughter and celebrations for you. Happy Birthday
  • 136. How lucky I am to have you as a wife. It is a privilege that I know that very few men have, because women as amazing, intelligent, kind and beautiful as you are, are extremely difficult to find. I hope you really enjoy the birthday I have organized for you and that all your wishes come true.

Emotional Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

How difficult it can be to express the feelings we have for the loved one, so many mixed feelings that swirl around us and that sometimes we don't know how to express, we have received several emails from people asking us the same questions: Can you post messages birthday for my boyfriend ?… What can I do to wish my boyfriend on his birthday? and several other questions related to the same.

  • 137. My sweet boyfriend, you are an exemplary and unique man in this world, at your side I knew true love and happiness, I wish you a wonderful day, have fun like never before and that all your loved ones are by your side to celebrate this such a special day Happy Birthday!
  • 138. On this day I want to remind you that my greatest dream is to see you smile every day, to witness your happiness and fill you with warmth with the love that my heart feels for you, have a happy birthday my love, may God fill you with infinite blessings today, tomorrow and every day of your life.
  • 139. You are the blue prince with whom I dreamed so much, you are a dream come true, I wish that on this day happiness and love are the only protagonists, I love you very much my love and I wish you a very happy birthday, have a great time together with all the people who love you.
  • 140. Have a very beautiful day surrounded by all the people who love you, you are the King of our home, without you we would be incomplete.
  • 141. Being by your side fills me with great happiness, I thank God for having allowed a man like you to be my boyfriend, you have many qualities to make me feel proud to be your partner. Congratulations on your birthday, my life.
  • 142. Since I was a girl I always wanted to find my Prince Charming, and I am very happy because I found him, you came into my life and you have filled me with joy and happiness, you took me out of the routine that I lived. Today is your birthday and I will treat you like the prince you are. Thank you for allowing me to share these spectacular moments by your side.
  • 143. Honey, I am writing you these birthday wishes to remind you of how much I love you and the happiness I feel having you by my side for another year, you are a very special man. I love you infinitely and I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
  • 144. Congratulations Love! May all your dreams come true, may life smile at you in each new project you try to carry out and may you be granted many extra years of life. Love you
  • 145. Congratulations, darling, the only reproach I can make is that many songs don't say anything to me because of you : all those that are heartbreak.
  • 146. For all the moments lived together and for those to come, for that magic you have to turn gall into honey, for all this and for so many things, congratulations my love.
  • 147. You are kind and loving, a boyfriend like no other. A very special person, with whom I am happy to celebrate with my wishes of love and prosperity. Congratulations my love!
  • 148. Sweet, attentive, kind and a fighter… all this is you. You were born with a heart of gold and I am lucky to have met you. Now our lives are united, they share the same path and also the same happiness.

Lovely Birthday Wishes For Mother, Mom

you just want to dedicate and express your love with gestures of DEEP AFFECTION and with some original, special words, and that you can never ever reach forget, that's why we share with you for your mom or mother . She knows what you need to hear, she gives you a sincere hug when you are sad and she has never stopped being with you.

So celebrating a special day such as her birthday or Mother's Day or simply because we want to express our love for her, is very simple. Through these Messages to wish Mom on her Birthday , you will express gratitude to the person who knows us best for everything they do for us.

  • 149. Today is the most important day of the whole year. It's your birthday day! I wish you to be very happy, that you lack nothing and that all your dreams end up becoming a reality.
  • 150. It is not always easy for me to express my feelings, but I would like to let you know today, on your birthday, that you are very important to me, and that I never want to lose you. Congratulations, mom!
  • 151. There are those who say that the love that a mother feels for her son is immeasurable, but they say this because they still don't know how much I love you. Congratulations, mom!
  • 152. How time flies, right?! I still remember how you held me in your arms while you sang me a lullaby. I want to thank all the love you have shown me in your life. Congratulations!
  • 153. Although I know that it separates us at a distance, Mom, never forget how much I love you and that I can't wait to go home to meet you. Congratulations, mom, enjoy this special day!
  • 154. It is true that all mothers are exceptional and unique, but without a doubt my mother is the most special. I adore you, mom! Congratulations!
  • 155. I only wish from the bottom of my heart to make you happy, because thanks to your dedication and dedication I am who I am at this moment, I love you very much mom and I hope you enjoy this special day, Happy birthday!
  • 157. Happy Birthday Mom! You are the woman I have loved the most in life, I have so much to thank you for that I would not have enough all the years of my life to repay you for all your unconditional dedication and all the love you have given us all, especially your children, I love you very much old lady
  • 158. What a great idea God had in making me your daughter, because you taught me to love and value others, you taught me to forgive and ask for forgiveness, you also taught me the value of humility, how much wisdom in your words! You are an example of person, God bless you mother, have a very happy birthday today, you deserve it.
  • 159. How beautiful is a mother's love! I didn't understand it much until I had my own children, that's why I admire your whole life and all the sacrifices you had to make to make your children what we are, that's why on this special day receive all my love, happy birthday!
  • 160. Today we are going out, we are going to celebrate a very important day, dress up mother, make yourself more beautiful, cheer us up with your spectacular smile and excite us with that captivating look, embrace us with your infinitely warm arms, we hope that this day will be memorable, may God allow us enjoy many more years with you, Happy birthday mother!
  • 161. Happy birthday my pretty old lady! Today I feel like the luckiest person in the world because God has given you another year of life, he has allowed us to enjoy your presence and listen to your wise advice, it is very nice to share with you.
  • 161. Another year you make this day the most festive and happiest day of the entire calendar . Congratulations mother on this day!
  • 162. Only the best mother in the world could have made me the luckiest daughter in the world. Congratulations, I adore you!
  • 163. This day God and destiny will do justice, will attend to the wishes of all your loved ones and you will be able to enjoy the best birthday you have ever imagined and it will even be better. Receive these letters with the same happiness with which I send them, I adore you precious!

Touching birthday Wishes for dad

A father is an example to follow, the hero of many since childhood and a man who supports us even in the most difficult times. Today is his birthday, but capturing everything you feel is not always so easy, so here are some incredible birthday wishes for dad , so you can wish your best wishes to that great man.

  • 164. Because of you, I am who I am, because you have taught me everything I know and you have guided me so that today I can be a good man. I don't know what would become of me without you and for that I thank you and wish you much happiness. Happy Birthday Dad! Infinite thanks.
  • 165. On this beautiful day, the birthday of an incomparable man, who has been my example and my guide throughout my life. It's your birthday, Dad, and I can't hide how happy I am. May you spend the most wonderful moments today and may all your wishes come true. Congratulations!
  • 166. The family is celebrating because today is the anniversary of someone very special. Happy Birthday Dad! We all adore you and wish you the best on your day.
  • 167. Today is the birthday of a very special person for me, who has been my example since the day I was born and who makes me feel more proud every day to be his son. Happy Birthday Dad. Have a great time!
  • 168. You are an amazing person and you have taught me so many things. For that, I will be eternally grateful to you. Happy birthday dad
  • 169. It was my father who taught me to value myself, that I was so rare that I was the most beautiful of all and the most precious in his life. Happy birthday to the best dad in the world.
  • 170. May God always provide you with generous amounts of love, in the same way that you have shone on us. Dear dad happy birthday.
  • 171. From afar and with all my heart I send you a giant hug. Congratulations, dad.
  • 172. Man of my dreams, you are a perfect man. Many girls dedicate it to his boyfriends and I dedicate it to you. Happy Birthday Dad.
  • 173. Father, now that I have children, I think of you even more every day. Raising them is not as easy as I thought, it is a complicated task, because you have to be patient, kind and sometimes a little strict. Thank you for being a wonderful father all these years and now, more than ever, you are my role model. Happy birthday from me and your grandchildren.
  • 174. You are like a big tree that shares its fruits, flowers and shadows with your whole family. Happy Birthday Dad.
  • 175. No matter my age, or whether I'm a woman, I'll always be daddy's girl. Happy Birthday
  • 176. At birth, I was blessed from the first day, because God rewarded me with the best father in the world. Happy Birthday.
  • 177. Dad, it breaks my heart to have to tell you that this year I won't be able to spend your birthday by your side, but as soon as I have a few days off, I'm going to visit you. Congratulations, leave me some cake.
  • 178. Dad, thanks for being so amazing all these years. You have been my example to follow and for everything you have taught me, I am proud to have the job position that I have now, to be married to a wonderful woman and have wonderful children. I wish you many congratulations on this beautiful day, happy birthday.

Short & sweet happy birthday Quotes

It is never easy to choose what words to dedicate to that friend, family member or partner on their birthday: it is a special day, but you cannot think of how to show it to them. We help you: here you have the best wishes.

  • 179. If I don't give you anything this year, don't be offended, I'm saving for next year. Happy Birthday!
  • 180. Enjoy, friend, you will never be so young again !
  • 181. I don't know how long I've known you, but any number doesn't seem like much: I feel like I was born with you . Happy birthday, chosen brother!
  • 182. Happy birthday, lick your nose and if you don't lick it, lick a sock.
  • 183. May the new year you start be as full of joy and happiness as I wish you. May you have many more!
  • 184. Be as old as you want, but don't expect me to follow your example, I'm young.
  • 185. Great, one year closer to dying.
  • 186. Having a birthday has a disadvantage and an advantage: you don't see the letters up close, but you see idiots from afar.
  • 187. Having a birthday has a disadvantage and an advantage: you don't see the letters up close, but you see idiots from afar.
  • 188. Fun and nerdy: If your birthday 'is', the party 'is coming'.

different ways to say "happy birthday" in different languages

There are many languages on the face of the earth, but in what we do not differ in the different cultures is in the custom of congratulating us every time we have a birthday and wishing us many more. If you want to know how people congratulate each other in different parts of the planet, we will tell you in this about how to say happy birthday in 26 different languages.

  • Arabic - eid milad saeid!
  • Bangla - Śubha janmadina!
  • Chinese - Shēngrì kuàilè!
  • Czech - Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám!
  • Dutch - Gelukkige verjaardag!
  • Filipino - Maligayang kaarawan!
  • French - Joyeux anniversaire!
  • German - Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
  • Gujarati - Janmadivasa nī śubhakāmanā!
  • Hindi - janmadin mubaarak!
  • Indonesian - Selamat ulang tahun!
  • Italian - Buon compleanno!
  • Japanese - Otanjōbiomedetōgozaimasu!
  • Kannada - Janmadinada śubhāśayagaḷu!
  • Korean - saeng-il chugha haeyo!
  • Malayalam - janmadināśansakaḷ!
  • Marathi -Vāḍhadivasācyā hārdika śubhēcchā!
  • Portugese - Feliz Aniversário!
  • Punjabi - Janamadina mubāraka!
  • Russian - S dnem rozhdeniya!
  • Spanish - ¡Feliz cumpleaños!
  • Tamil - Pirantanāḷ vāḻttukkaḷ!
  • Telugu - Puṭṭinarōju śubhākāṅkṣalu!
  • Turkish - İyi ki doğdun!
  • Ukranian - Z Dnem Narodzhennya!
  • Vietnamese - Chúc mừng sinh nhật!

Summary: The Best Happy Birthday Wishes In 2022

Birthdays are special occasions to celebrate and show the people we love how much we care. If you are looking for how to do it, we give you some keys so that you can congratulate the person you love and show them how much you care.

One of the doubts that usually assails us when the birthday of a loved one arrives is how to tell it so that this person appreciates how important it is to you. This journey that happens every 365 days can make that person feel special.

There are many ways to do it, and it may be that you have thought of some, but if you really want it to be a surprise, it is better that you think about it and bet on something original that is not expected.

If You Have Any Doubt about how you can wish your special persons on their very important day. Please comment on this.

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